April 18, 2024

Red Bull will venture into the unknown in 2026 when it unveils its in-house power unit in time for the new technical rules.
Helmut Marko has stated that Red Bull is on track as research on their first power unit proceeds. He previously stated that the Milton Keynes-based team was second in the engine race, trailing Mercedes but much ahead of Ferrari and Audi.
Following a freeze created by the announcement of their exit from the sport, Red Bull is currently using a power unit provided by Japanese company Honda. When the sport’s new technical regulations take effect in 2026, the reigning constructor champions will introduce their in-house built engines.

Honda has since made an unexpected return to the sport, signing an exclusive arrangement to supply power units to the Aston Martin team when the new regulations take effect. The Silverstone-based team has been a Mercedes client team for many years, but they have turned elsewhere to establish themselves as a frontrunner.


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Marko told Austrian news outlet OE24 about their development progress: “Even though we are still a long way from a competitive deployment, everything is going according to plan, and the performance curve is right.”
The Red Bull advisor was then asked if Red Bull would consider continuing with Honda in 2026 if development veers off course before the new technical standards take effect, but Marko dismissed the idea.

“No,” he replied. “It’s got to work. We will begin racing with our own engine in 2026. Until then, we want Honda’s best performance potential, which has worked successfully so far. Honda was my deal, so I’ll keep looking after it.”

These remarks follow Marko’s bold assertions regarding the team’s power unit progress last summer. “We are miles ahead of Ferrari and Audi,” the Austrian previously stated. According to rumors, we are not in first place, but rather second.”

As a result, Red Bull would fall behind Mercedes, who is expecting to put a dismal start to the ground effect regulations behind them with their 2024 rival, the W15.

The Silver Arrows historically dominated the turbo-hybrid era with their stronger power unit, and given the expected increased emphasis placed on having a strong engine in 2026, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell would be in fantastic shape to compete for Drivers’ Championship titles.

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