July 16, 2024

The Kansas City Chiefs made a dubious defensive lineman signing on Thursday. According to NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero, the Chiefs signed Isaiah Buggs to their practice squad on Thursday. Buggs was released by the Detroit Lions on Tuesday.

Isaiah Buggs made a spectacular start to the season.

Buggs, a sixth-round choice of the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2019, had a strange and somewhat dramatic season with the Lions before being dismissed on Tuesday. Before the season, the Lions signed Buggs to a two-year, $6 million contract.

Following the Lions’ Week 1 victory over the Chiefs, Buggs removed the team from his social media pages. Buggs was inactive for the game, which he described as a “surprise” after starting 13 games for the Lions in 2022. Biggs tweeted multiple cryptic messages implying that “relationships” and “situations” change.
According to an early September story in USA Today, Buggs believed the Lions were interested in him beginning in 2023. He also provided a dubious explanation for his activities on social media following his inactivity for Week 1:

“You think they’re all on your side, and suddenly ‘Boom.’ It’s as simple as a snap of your finger. As I have stated, I’ve always been a team player and a role player. “I’ll do whatever they have in store for me.”…

Buggs also played down the ambiguously scary social media remarks that sparked outrage among Lions fans over the weekend.

“It’s nothing to address, to be honest,” Buggs added. “There is nothing to address. As I already stated, things and relationships change. “To be honest, there’s nothing to address,” Buggs remarked. “I’m simply stating in general. It has nothing to do with football. It has nothing to do with the Lions. I’m just expressing that I don’t want anyone to misinterpret the context. Relationships, on the other hand, change. That’s all I have to say about it; there’s nothing else to say.”


The Detroit Lions cut Isaiah Buggs


With this late-season addition, the Kansas City Chiefs are taking a gamble.

Buggs is no longer with the NFC North champion Lions after three starts and a slew of healthy scratches. That’s an odd outcome after signing a multi-year contract before the season, especially given that he was expected to start for the Lions before the regular season began.

That’s why signing him to the Chiefs is a little perplexing right now. This season, the Chiefs have had numerous emotional outbursts on the field and after games. Head coach Andy Reid is taking a risk by adding another player with a chip on their shoulder before the playoffs.

Is Buggs talented enough to compensate in Kansas City?

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