April 24, 2024

Rep. Pat Ryan writes to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and NBC Sports President Rick Cordella in a public letter.

The approaching Wild Card game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Miami Dolphins has generated a lot of buzz. However, because the game is a Peacock-exclusive broadcast, the most of the talk could be angry comments.

Aside from fans, people with platforms have already decided to express themselves on the subject. The NFL’s decision to go with the Peacock route was described as “insane” by Chiefs defensive end Charles Omenihu. Rep. Pat Ryan, one of the most famous personalities in New York City, has now joined the debate.

The Congressman wrote a public letter to league commissioner Roger Goodell and NBC Sports President Rick Cordella, requesting that the game be broadcast on television.


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“How much more profit do Goodell and NBC need to make at the expense of hard-working Americans,” Ryan captioned the post on his official X account. “I’m demanding that the NFL and NBC Sports stop this Peacock bait-and-switch and broadcast the Dolphins-Chiefs game.” Millions of devoted viewers already pay for NBC. Let’s just watch the game!”


The fact that football fans must circumvent a paywall to witness a highly anticipated showdown between two competitive teams is bound to spark controversy. One may argue that this is the NFL’s first step toward embracing streaming platforms as traditional TV continues to decrease. Others are even concocting conspiracy theories about a scheme to entice millions of Taylor Swift fans to spend money and watch Travis Kelce.

Whatever the case, Rep. Pat Ryan and millions of other Americans are dissatisfied — and it’s up to Goodell and Cordella to decide whether they’ll make any major changes moving ahead.


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