April 18, 2024

NFL officials expect the Miami Dolphins to look at other quarterback possibilities this offseason, including Kirk Cousins, following Tua Tagovailoa’s performance at the end of the regular season and postseason.

To close out the season, the Dolphins dropped three big games in a row. Tua had a dreadful performance in chilly weather against the Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday night, bringing the Dolphins’ season to an end.

Following the Wild Card loss, Tua declined to discuss negotiating an extension with the Dolphins this offseason. Unless a signing occurs with the late-season collapse, Tua will enter the 2024 season on the final year of his rookie contract, after the Dolphins picked up his fifth-year option last offseason.

The Miami Dolphins are anticipated to shop Tua.

According to Mike Sando of The Athletic, a few NFL officials believe the Dolphins may consider trading Tua to teams with indoor stadiums or that play in warm-weather cities. The Atlanta Falcons are an easy pick because they play in a dome and compete in a toasty-NFC South division.

Cousins and a draft pick (or choices) are a better option than sticking with Tagovailoa. The Dolphins do not have any third- or fourth-round picks in the upcoming draft, so they might make use of the capital. Cousins, a free agent in March, would have to prioritize Miami as his preferred landing location, which appears to be simple for him considering what the Dolphins offer in terms of McDaniel’s attitude, scheme, and weaponry.

“Your upside with Tua definitely appears limited,” an executive added, “so let us assume you can transfer him. I would be wondering, ‘OK, Tua, we can win games, but probably not championships. Kirk Cousins can win games, but he will most likely not win a championship. Our resources are better spent on Cousins and draft picks than on Tua alone…

“If you could get a 2 and a 3 for Tua and sign Kirk, I’d want to make sure I felt comfortable about having him for three years from a health standpoint,” the executive added. “I believe Tua performs better in a dome stadium, where you know half of your games will be played in perfect circumstances.


Vikings QB Kirk Cousins placed on reserve/COVID-19 list, out Sunday vs.  Packers


Will Kirk Cousins join the Dolphins?

Cousins has expressed interest in resigning with the Minnesota Vikings this offseason. Cousins’ most important criteria for next season is that he join a winning club. Because of the Vikings’ cap space difficulties with wide receiver Justin Jefferson, Cousins’ greatest chance to join a winning club may be elsewhere.
Cousins would have a great shot to win the Super Bowl in Miami. He would have Tyreek Hill and Jalen Waddle to work with. When healthy, Vic Fangio’s defense has the potential to be one of the best in the league.

Cousins to the Dolphins is a tale that Vikings and Dolphins fans should follow as free agency begins in March.

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