April 24, 2024

KANSAS CITY, Missouri (KCTV) The business tasked with providing protective headgear for Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes stated that its equipment “did its job” during the Chiefs’ AFC Wild Card game against the Miami Dolphins.

Mahomes’ VICIS ZERO2 helmet cracked during a 13-yard scamper in the third quarter of Kansas City’s 26-7 victory. On Tuesday, the firm issued a statement on Twitter saying that its product was successful.

“Extreme conditions like those experienced in Saturday evening’s NFL playoff game are bound to test the limits of even the highest performing products,” he said. “While outer shell damage is not ideal, the ZERO2 helmet did its job protecting Patrick Mahomes during a head-to-head impact in unprecedented cold temperatures.”

VICIS stated that the helmet’s “exclusive multi-layer technology” “utilizes a deformable outer shell.” As a result, the company stated that the newly created helmet model is constructed “similar to the crumple zone of modern cards, effectively absorbing and dispersing impact forces at the point of contact.”

Saturday’s game was the fourth-coldest in NFL history and the coldest ever at Arrowhead. Mahomes went on to play two plays with the cracked helmet before the Chiefs replaced him with a backup helmet that didn’t fit as well.


Patrick Mahomes breaks helmet in NFL win vs. Miami Dolphins | Kansas City  Star


“I’m sure it had to do with it being really cold,” Mahomes said Saturday when questioned about the helmet cracking. “I didn’t know what happened in the moment but I got in the huddle and everybody was telling me.”

Mahomes stated that the Chiefs needed to focus on the process of getting a new helmet in case something similar happened.

“We have to talk about where we store the backup because it was frozen, so when I tried to put it on I couldn’t get it on,” Mahomes added.

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