June 25, 2024

Sunderland have only recently changed managers. But as pressure mounts on Michael Beale, another change may be on the way sooner than thought.

Sunderland fired Tony Mowbray last month and replaced him with the 43-year-old Beale.

The former QPR and Rangers manager was an uninspiring and surprising choice, but fans did their best to support him.

His first game in command was a 3-0 defeat at home to Coventry City, and since then, fans have completely lost faith in their present manager.

Last night’s 1-0 defeat at home to Hull City summed up Sunderland fans’ feelings about Beale: they have no faith in his boring style of play and don’t believe he’s the right guy to lead the club.

Many are urging on Sunderland’s owners to bite the bullet and make a change now, before matters worsen.

And journalist Michael Graham believes Mike Dodds might take over the club following Beale’s potential departure.

Michael Graham recommends Mike Dodds to replace Beale for the rest of the season.

Dodds, 37, has served as Sunderland’s interim manager twice, the second time following Mowbray’s departure last month.

He is now serving as Beale’s backup; Beale has two victories in seven games, and Dodds has two wins in three games as temporary manager.

Sunderland defeated both West Brom and Leeds United under Dodds’ management.

With Beale under increasing pressure, Graham believes Kyril Louis-Dreyfus and his team will allow him some more time to’save face’ before perhaps firing him ‘before season card renewal packs go out’.

Graham also proposes that the board give Dodds the post until the summer.

He posted on X:


Sunderland’s season is dead and buried, until they summon Beale.
Sunderland’s current league position offers an unduly rosy picture.

Beale will argue that the team is still in play-off contention, sitting in eighth and only two points behind the top six.

However, based on recent trends, particularly last night’s performance, Sunderland will do well to remain in top-six contention between now and May.


Sunderland star pays tribute to 'tactically good' Mike Dodds after West  Brom win - Sports Illustrated Sunderland Nation


Sunderland then appear to be heading for a mid-table finish, which would be a sad disappointment given their positive return to the Championship last season and promising start to this season.

That is, unless they make a daring move with Beale immediately.

Sacking Beale and either giving the role to Dodds or someone like Will Still, who was Sunderland’s first choice before Beale, would be wise, but may not be financially prudent for the Black Cats.

Although reaching the Premier League is all about establishing and laying the groundwork, the Sunderland owners risk losing a lot of fan trust if they continue with Beale for much longer.

Of course, Beale has the potential to turn things around, but it appears that this is unlikely at the moment.


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