April 18, 2024

Jason Kelce has stated that he does not want a cat, despite his wife Kylie’s insistence that she will purchase one following his boozy, shirtless antics in Buffalo, because he dislikes the scent of their pee.

On the most recent episode of the New Heights with Travis and Jason Kelce podcast, the Eagles center clarified that if he and his family were to add a small kitty to their home of five, it would have to be ‘outdoorsy’ rather than domesticated.

‘Listen, I admire what a cat can achieve in nature,’ Jason stated at first. ‘It is a vicious hunting animal. […] I do not want one of these rag dolls… I’ve learned a lot about cats in the past week. People saying, ”Oh, we should have a ragdoll, you should get this. “You should get a tabby.” All of this… I have no idea… what the heck… I had no idea there were several cat breeds. I had no idea that was the whole thing. It is a cat.

‘They are like dogs, they have different breeds,’ replied Travis, who is headed to the Super Bowl but will miss the Grammy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles, which his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, is likely to attend.

[…] Which one is it? Jason inquired whether females or males peed. It’s as if they’re just getting started… Growing up, I recall going to specific guys’ houses with cats and smelling something like that. Do you understand what I am talking about?


Jason Kelce’s been trying to wrap his head around his wife, Kylie’s request to get a cat but can’t.

Kylie insisted that the family of five get a cat after Jason downed drinks shirtless during Chiefs-Bills last week.


Kylie even used her husband's catchphrase during Chiefs-Bills to disclose that she wants a cat


You could just smell the urine…I’m out…I just… there is nothing about a cat…

Travis then explained to his older brother why cat litter exists, but Jason was still hesitant to bring a third furry pet to his household, given that he already had two Irish wolfhounds.

Kylie joked last week about getting a cat without Jason’s approval in an Instagram photo shared by New Heights, echoing her husband’s famous slogan from the Chiefs-Bills game.

‘I’m not asking for permission; I’m doing this.’ – the exact quote I’ll say as I grab the keys to go acquire a cat,’ she wrote.


Kylie Kelce, wife of Jason, can't quite believe newfound celebrity status |  Marca


Jason answered on Wednesday, stating, ‘Ky tweeted or Instagrammed this, and instantly, I googled ”how to lose a cat.”

Nothing came up. The only thing that came up was, ‘Oh, are you sorry because you just lost a cat?’ he added. ‘Like, no, I have to lose a cat. I’m not concerned about losing it. I want to lose it, and I was astonished that there was no place to look out good ways to accidently lose a cat.

Kylie has been trying to persuade her hubby to become a cat lover for weeks now. On a previous episode of New Heights last month, Kylie and Travis discussed how they may collaborate to persuade Jason to add a feline to his Philadelphia house.

‘No, here’s the deal: I told Jason I wanted to buy a cat. He told me no. And I think you might enjoy cats now,’ she remarked, alluding to Swift’s affection for pets. The singer is the proud owner of three cats: Meredith Gray, Olivia Benson, and Benjamin Button.














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