April 13, 2024

Where’s the eye-pop emoji when you need it?

When defensive coordinator Vic Fangio moved from the Miami Dolphins to the Philadelphia Eagles, former Dolphins players were not necessarily disappointed. In fact, some celebrated, and NFL star Ron Jaworski was not pleased with the response.

Fangio was greeted with a “kick rocks” goodbye (literally) when he shipped off to Philadelphia, with some Dolphins players praising the move, which included cryptic statements on social media from both Cam Smith and Jevon Holland after the news broke.

Holland’s Instagram Story included him kicking rocks, while Smith posted a “unlock” symbol, which was clearly meant at Fangio.

Drew Rosenhaus, a long-time NFL agent who represents 11 Miami players, stated that a few players were not fans of Fangio.

“There were quite a few players on the team that didn’t necessarily get along with Fangio,” Rosenhaus told Miami-based announcer Josh Moser. “There wasn’t a good relationship with many of the guys. Some guys loved him, while many others did not. It wasn’t a unanimously positive relationship.

Jaworski, speaking on Philadelphia sports radio station 94WIP, chastised the players for celebrating Fangio’s departure.

“Coaches coach,” Jaworski explained. “I have connections as well around this league and I hear another side of that story, that there were some players on that defense that didn’t want to work, didn’t want to put the time in, didn’t want to put the effort in, didn’t want to make the commitment to be successful.”

Jaworski, a former NFL quarterback who played for the Eagles, Dolphins, Kansas City Chiefs, and Los Angeles Rams and is now a superstar commentator for ESPN, blamed Miami’s party atmosphere and players who want to take advantage of it.


34 years later, agent Drew Rosenhaus isn't slowing down | AP News


“Guys enjoy nightlife, and South Beach is an excellent party destination. “And Vic tried to get those guys and push them to become better workers, athletes, and team members,” Jaworski explained. “And he couldn’t get through to those people. Those were the guys Vic was pushing, and they’re the ones complaining right now.”


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