April 22, 2024

Jason Kelce makes the funny pledge to jump through a blazing table.
Jason Kelce went viral during the playoff game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills. He not only interacted with folks at the tailgate, but he also went shirtless and jumped out of the sweet during the game. Unfortunately, he was unable to perform the traditional Buffalo jump through a table. But the former Philadelphia Eagles center is looking for any reason to do so.

The podcast New Heights, which Jason Kelce co-hosts with his brother Travis, has organized a poll question tournament in which fans can participate. Football fans must vote on which team names they believe are best. In the third round of the bracket, the Buffalo Bills will face the Kansas City Chiefs.


Jason Kelce yelling with a flaming table in front of him


After missing his opportunity, the former Eagles center appears to have seen an opening to jump through a table. Jason Kelce tweeted that if the Bills win the social media tournament against the Chiefs, he will jump through a flaming table.

“If the Bills win this, I swear on Buffalo Bill’s legendary reputation I will jump through a flaming table.”

With being stated, if you want to see Jason Kelce leap through a blazing table, vote for the Bills in that social media competition. Even if you believe the Chiefs’ name is cooler, go vote for Buffalo. The guy went viral just by being shirtless in the outfit. Imagine how exciting it would be to witness him jump through a blazing table! It’s not too hard to find. In fact, here’s the poll question right here.

With that said, it will be fascinating to watch if Jason Kelce engages in any pranks during the Super Bowl. The Chiefs face the San Francisco 49ers, and Kelce will undoubtedly be there to support his brother, Travis. So keep a look out for the former Eagles center to make an appearance with the entire country watching!

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