April 24, 2024

Who will referee Middlesbrough’s game vs Sunderland? It’s someone who has undoubtedly made an impression this season…

The previous time Sunderland played Middlesbrough, the referee made headlines, and not in a good way if you support the Black Cats.

Jarred Gillett, a Premier League referee, was in control, and he opted to dismiss Dan Neil for using foul language just before halftime.

The Premier League will again lend a referee to the Championship for the rematch. Thankfully, it isn’t Gillett.

Who is the referee for Middlesbrough vs Sunderland?


VAR Darren England explains how to avoid mistakes in Q&A for children's book


Darren England will referee the match between Middlesbrough and Sunderland at the Riverside, and he is not a name Sunderland has heard of in a long time.

In contrast, England has refereed Middlesbrough (and Brentford) more than any other club during his career.

If that name seems familiar, it’s because England was at the center of a VAR controversy earlier this year when he incorrectly ruled out a goal for Luis Diaz during Liverpool’s match against Tottenham.

All hell broke loose, and Jurgen Klopp asked the game be replayed. That’s Darren England.

This will be his ninth Championship match of the season, and he has also managed six Premier League games.

He will be aided by Edward Smart and Nick Greenhalgh, with Leigh Doughty serving as the fourth official.

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