April 22, 2024

If Rashan Gary had his way, youngster Kenneth Odumegwu would get all of the minutes he needs to reach his full potential with the Green Bay Packers. Of course, that is possible, especially if the Nigerian-born linebacker can make a significant improvement next season.

Odumegwu was born in Anambra, southeast Nigeria, and joined the Packers’ practice squad as an international exemption in 2023. This occurred as a result of multiple tryouts and combines, which led him to play for Green Bay.

Gary, for his part, was a top college football recruit and understands what it takes to succeed in the NFL. Throughout the season, the linebacker mentored Odumegwu and told him how to develop.

Fortunately, the inexperienced newcomer learned everything he could from the veterans around him, including Gary. His first season in Green Bay resulted in a reserve/futures contract, which might propel Odumegwu to greater heights if he works hard for his future in the NFL.

Rashan Gary Raves About Kenneth Odumegwu’s Potential for the Green Bay Packers


Packers given DL Kenneth Odumegwu from NFL International Pathway Program


Odumegwu has improved dramatically since his 14-snap performance in a preseason game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Gary discusses the rookie in an article published on the Packers’ official website:

“His take-off became ten times faster,” Gary added. “I don’t want to reveal his skills, but he has two amazing moves that, if he continues to practice, may rip apart some of our tackles when he returns to camp. I’m enjoying his improvement. I appreciate his work. He enjoys being around the boys. He doesn’t take things for granted.”

With that level of talent, there are numerous reasons to be optimistic about Odumegwu’s future with the Packers. When the new season begins, many eyes will be on the rookie, as well as Jordan Love’s development following a breakout season this year.

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