April 13, 2024

T.Y. Hilton, a former Indianapolis Colts receiver, disclosed insights about Andrew Luck’s likely return during a recent interview.
Former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck’s retirement from football will be remembered by fans for years to come.

In a recent interview on The Trenches Show with Colts linebackers Zaire Franklin and E.J. Speed, former Indianapolis wide receiver T.Y. Hilton revealed previously unknown details about Luck’s retirement in 2019.


The Trenches Show posted on X: “If you didn’t send him off that way, you might’ve gotten another luck sighting”

Franklin began by asking Hilton, “What was it like to see him get that send-off?”

Franklin was alluding to the Indianapolis crowd that booed the former No. 1 overall choice after learning of his decision to retire.

Hilton responded: “It hurt, and I know it hurt him.” Hilton continued, “Indy should not have done that.”

The Colts’ legendary pass-catcher closed with a comment that has been discussed by many Colts fans in the last 36 hours.

“I’ll just be honest, bro. If they hadn’t done that, they’d most likely have had a Luck sighting, which will only damage them more.

Luck’s injuries had taken their toll on the franchise quarterback. All of this resulted in his decision to step down from the NFL. Even nearly five years later, Luck’s retirement remains fresh in the thoughts of not only Colts fans, but also current and past players such as Hilton.


Former Colts quarterback Andrew Luck returns to football after 4-Year  hiatus | Marca


Hilton also hinted that Luck may want to return to football that year or later. However, the treatment he received from the supporters for whom he had played for many years discouraged him.

Hilton stated that Luck deserved to be in the Colts Ring of Honor. The concern is, will he want to return if he is handed this franchise award after the bad reception he has received from fans?

There’s no doubt he deserves the honor, as Luck concluded his six seasons in Indianapolis with a 53-33 record, 23,671 pass yards, 171 passing touchdowns, and 14 rushing touchdowns. His career more than justifies his name being inscribed at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Unfortunately, no one will ever know the true facts unless Luck speaks up about the matter. Given how quiet the former four-time Pro Bowler has been since 2019, it’s difficult to say at this point.

Fast forward to 2024, and Indianapolis has a new franchise quarterback in Anthony Richardson and a promising leader in head coach Shane Steichen.

Regardless of the successes that may or may not occur, the Luck retirement is not going away anytime soon. After Hilton revealed this knowledge, the “what if” question about Luck’s career reappeared.

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