April 22, 2024

Former Detroit Lions OLB Julian Okwara signs with Philadelphia Eagles
Following the conclusion of their season, the Detroit Lions signed over ten players to reserve/futures deals but Julian Okwara was not one of them. Now, according to the Philadelphia Eagles, they have signed Okwara.

A Gradual Return to Form

Towards the latter part of the season, Okwara began showing signs of regaining his pre-injury form. However, his usage throughout the season—more than 20 defensive snaps in only four games, the majority of which occurred in the first month—has raised concerns about his future role. Despite returning to the Lions in 2023 on a reduced contract, Okwara managed to demonstrate his capabilities in a limited capacity, contributing effectively within the confines of a smaller workload.

Moving On

The crux of Okwara’s situation was whether his performance this season aligned with the Lions’ strategic vision and salary cap considerations for 2024. Additionally, Okwara’s own aspirations and whether he envisioned his future in a backup role or wanted a more prominent position elsewhere were likely important.


Lions' Julian Okwara healthy again, looking to make an impact for defense  in Year 2 - mlive.com

Bottom Line:

Julian Okwara’s move to the Philadelphia Eagles represents a significant turning point in his career, with the potential to capitalize on his return to form in a more significant role. This shift not only reflects Okwara’s desire for a more prominent position, but it also demonstrates the Eagles’ strategy to strengthen their defensive lineup with players capable of making significant contributions.

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