April 24, 2024
The Jacksonville Jaguars are looking for more weapons ahead of the 2024 NFL campaign, and they could get one in the form of Trevor Lawrence’s old teammate if certain things fall into place.In an interview with Yahoo Sports’ Jason Fitz on Saturday’s edition of Radio Row, Trevor Lawrence expressed interest in a potential reunion with Tee Higgins, whom he played with for two seasons at Clemson.

“I’d be very surprised if Cincinnati released him. I don’t think that will happen. But if there was an opportunity, I’d love to play with Tee,” Lawrence said.”You know, we’ve exchanged a few texts. And the league is funny. You never know how things will work out. There are so many factors at play. But, of course, that’s a person I’ve played with and we have a wonderful chemistry. Great player. I would not be offended if he came to Jacksonville,” he said.

Tee Higgins’ current situation has Trevor Lawrence and the Jacksonville Jaguars dreaming

Tee Higgins’ contract will expire this summer, forcing the Cincinnati Bengals to make a big choice. According to sources, the 25-year-old wide receiver is expected to want a large salary, which might lead to his departure unless Cincinnati takes action.

The only way for the Cincinnati Bengals to keep Higgins—and maybe the most realistic—is to give him the franchise tag. If Tee Higgins accepts, he will receive a one-year guaranteed contract for $20.7 million.

As it stands, acquiring someone like Higgins, given what he can command on the open market as the PFF ranks him as the top-rated free agent at his position, appears to be a pipe dream for the Jacksonville Jaguars, who have their own contract issues to deal with, such as Calvin Ridley’s impending free agency.

Jacksonville is certainly considering re-signing Calvin Ridley, but doing so would most likely mean that they cannot afford to sign Tee Higgins during the same summer.

Tee Higgins and Trevor Lawrence’s NFL careers by the numbers


The Bengals decision on Tee Higgins is much deeper than the simple franchise tag - A to Z Sports



In his four-year NFL career so far, Tee Higgins has amassed 257 career receptions for 3,684 yards and 24 touchdowns, making him an integral cog for the Cincinnati Bengals in the last few years. However, he is coming off a down year, with only 42 receptions for 656 yards and five touchdowns in 2023 due to injuries.

As for Trevor Lawrence, he has recorded 1,116 pass completions for 11,770 passing yards and 58 touchdowns for a 63.8 completion percentage so far in his three-year NFL career.

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