April 22, 2024

This season, the Cardinals expect big things from their 2018 first-round choice.
Bottom season, the St. Louis Cardinals concluded with their lowest record in 28 years, placing bottom in the NL Central for the first time in franchise history despite winning 71 games. Expectations for 2024 have not changed, with the Cardinals aiming for a division title, which will be more possible if St. Louis’ young core advances.

Among that core is second baseman Nolan Gorman, who is coming off a strong sophomore season in the majors. After another year of growth, the Cardinals are hoping that their 2018 first-round choice can advance to the next level this season.

“The way he’s prepared this offseason to just get his body right to be in the lineup more often and stay healthy, he’s done some meaningful things to make that happen,” Oliver Marmol, the manager of the Cardinals, said. “We expect a huge year from him. This is a powerful bat who is terrifying when he is correct.”


What's Next for Nolan Gorman - Viva El Birdos

Gorman demonstrated his power last season, hitting 27 home runs, more than Nolan Arenado and then-NL MVP Paul Goldschmidt. He did that in 119 games, a figure the Cardinals want to see rise after Gorman spent two separate stints on the injured list in 2023.

With approximately 800 MLB plate appearances under his belt, Gorman should be in line for an All-Star season by 2024. He may headline a group of young players St. Louis believes will gel nicely with the veterans on the squad.

Without a clear favorite in the NL Central, the Cardinals have every possibility of winning the division and making the playoffs. Among other considerations, Nolan Gorman’s ability and frequency of play will play a significant role in making that happen.

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