April 24, 2024

Former EFL player Adrian Clarke stated that Michael Beale lacked the necessary attributes to be a successful manager at Sunderland.

Beale was let go earlier this week, barely over two months after taking over as Sunderland’s manager.

Sunderland fans never warmed up to the Englishman as much as they did to Tony Mowbray’s team.

Clarke believes that Beale did not develop a relationship or chemistry with Sunderland fans during his stay at the club.

He stated that Beale was the wrong choice from the start because a Sunderland manager must have a strong personality and outstanding communication skills in order to establish connection with the fans.

He also stated that Sunderland fans preferred to see exciting football whereas Beale’s team was flat.

Clarke spoke on the What The EFL Podcast: “It’s just the relationship.”

“There was no chemistry between Mick Beale and the supporters.

“Sunderland are one of numerous unique clubs that require specific components to prosper.


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“When you look back at their history, you will notice that certain traits and personalities are common among their top managers and during their most successful periods.

“You need to be a huge character to manage Sunderland; you need to be a phenomenal communicator, someone who is very direct, honest, and upfront, who understands the fans and wants to establish that bond.

“You also need to play more attacking football and it was flat under Beale.”

Beale allegedly had reservations about taking the Sunderland job and was looking forward to a long hiatus after being fired at Rangers.

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