April 24, 2024

Goat recognizes Goat. We’re not shocked, but it’s really fantastic.
Dan Marino, a former Miami Dolphins legend and Hall of Famer, was recently asked to name his four picks for the Mount Rushmore of NFL Quarterbacks, and he chose three, one of them is our very own John Elway.

The pair of friendly rivals (or rivaling friends?) stretches back to the 1983 NFL Draft, when Elway was chosen first overall and Marino 27th. These picks highlighted the draft class and sparked three quarterback duels, two of which Denver lost, but the third resulted in a postseason victory that propelled them to the AFC Championship (and a Super Bowl win).


Both quarterbacks impacted the contemporary era of the NFL, establishing lasting legacies and records. And they were not alone.

Along with Elway, Marino praised quarterbacks Joe Montana and Jim Kelly.

“To me, [Joe] Montana, Elway, Jim Kelly, all of those players. “That’s three,” he remarked, “and I believe I could play with all of those guys.”

Marino refused to designate himself fourth on Mt. Rushmore, asking that someone else do so; yet, each of the three quarterbacks held a special place in Marino’s career.


The Shutdown Corner Interview: John Elway - Yahoo Sports

“The rivalry is based on competitiveness and the desire to win. Then there’s the friendliness and camaraderie amongst the men — it’s always been there for me with John and Jim… mutual respect, love for the game, all that,” he said, saying that it’s a confusing sense of being happy for them “but still wanting to kick their ass.”

“Unless you’re not a competitor, which, I feel like I was a highly competitive person,” he said.

I would have been about a year and a half old when this game was played, and it makes me think about the generations of players who have graced the league and future ones who will carry the torch forward, such as WR Ed McCaffrey, who had no idea his son would one day play in a Super Bowl. Or how roles can change and our heroes take on new identities, as John Elway had no idea he’d one day become the general manager of a team he led to two consecutive victories.

I realize that’s how the world works in most industries, yet something about it strikes me as particularly wonderful.

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