April 18, 2024

Following Friday’s salary cap announcement, the Kansas City Chiefs’ tardiness in extending Chris Jones’ contract will impact their bottom line. Jones, who is slated to hit free agency in March if he is not extended, has voiced a desire to stay in Kansas City and fight for a third consecutive championship.

However, following the Super Bowl, it was believed that the Chiefs were not close to signing Jones to a long-term contract. Jones wanted to be compensated similarly to Aaron Donald, who earns $31 million per year.

Chris Jones wanted Aaron Donald money

Former NFL agent Joel Corry wrote on February 7 on what Jones may expect from the Chiefs this offseason. Corry believed Jones could reach the $30 million mark:

Jones is justified in seeking the midway of Nick Bosa and Aaron Donald’s contracts. The duo inked contracts worth $265 million over eight years, averaging $33.125 million annually.


Chiefs' Chris Jones warned teammate he'd get emotional during Super Bowl  national anthem | Fox News

This would raise Jones’ goal price to $132.5 million over four years. Seeking $72.5 million in fully guaranteed payments over the first two years, with a total of $90 million in guarantees, would be appropriate for this deal.

Whether Jones reaches my suggested goal price remains to be seen. He should eventually join Bosa and Donald as the only defensive players earning $30 million per year, either with a new team in free agency or by staying in Kansas City.

Corry based those calculations on the NFL’s salary limit, which is set at $240-45 for the 2024 season.

The NFL’s salary cap went boom

However, the salary cap surpassed that record on Friday. According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the new maximum will be set at $255.4 million.

The Kansas City Chiefs cost themselves in procrastination

Jones’ asking price has increased for the Kansas City Chiefs. He might argue for a wage higher than Donald’s current annual salary under the new salary cap.

Because franchise-tagging Jones would cost more than Donald’s annual contract, the Chiefs are unlikely to do it this offseason. The Chiefs will either have to pay him a large long-term contract or watch him test the market in free agency before likely leaving for the Detroit Lions in March.

The Chiefs might have saved money and headaches with their cap predicament this offseason by signing Jones before the NFL announced the new salary cap figure for 2024. Jones will want his share of the pie to reflect the cap increase.

And he would. Aside from Patrick Mahomes, Jones has been one of the Chiefs’ biggest game changers throughout their back-to-back championship runs. He prevented the San Francisco 49ers from scoring numerous touchdowns in this year’s Super Bowl.

The Chiefs’ decision on Jones could decide whether or not they can make a three-peat.

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