May 24, 2024

It is fair to say that Flynn Downes has been missed in the Southampton midfield while out injured.

Saints have conceded eight goals since he was pulled off in the first half against Huddersfield, the same number as in their previous 18 games.

Flynn’s position allows him to operate quietly. Players further up the field who attract the eye and score goals receive more recognition.

In the locker room, I’m sure he receives the respect he deserves from his teammates and coaches, but it’s not until you lose a player of his caliber that you realize how vital he is.

His position at the base of midfield is critical. When compared to other midfielders, Downes is in the top 98 percentile for successful passes per 90 (75) and the top 76 percentile for tackles earned per 90 (1.41).

I remember staring at the bench when the lineup was announced on Tuesday evening and thinking how wonderful it was.
Russell has said it in his news conferences: the squad depth is a headache for him, but a good one.

We’ve encountered a minor setback as we approach the finish of the season. We must now stabilize the situation and restore the outcomes and performances to their previous levels.
While Southampton lost to Hull City, a club veteran got off to a great start as Eastleigh manager.

Kelvin Davis led the Spitfires to a 5-2 victory over Oxford City in the Vanarama National League just one day after joining them.

I was paying close attention after the announcement that he had joined the club alongside another former Saint, Danny Butterfield.

I’m overjoyed that Kelvin is back in football. It’s fantastic to see him in a part that he’s been striving towards for a long time.


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Having someone like Butts alongside him will be wonderful for the club, and they will be able to work together again.

I wish them every success because I want to see Eastleigh succeed. I am excited to see how Kelvin and Danny’s careers go.

Their profiles will benefit the club in a variety of ways, including attracting more Saints fans to the Silverlake.

But, in the end, everything boils down to what occurs on the field. I hope they receive the desired results.

Knowing them personally, their personalities will be ideal for the football team. Eastleigh is experiencing a period of great growth. The club wants to grow from strength to strength.

Since Kelvin’s arrival, they appear to have benefited from the new manager’s energy. As a gamer, having some new ideas around can provide a much-needed boost after a difficult patch.

Kelvin stated upon his arrival that he wants his players to enjoy playing football, which I am confident they will if they continue to win games as they did on Tuesday.

Millwall, who have recently hired Neil Harris, is one team that we will all be hoping does not have a new manager bounce before facing the Saints on Saturday.

When a club hires a new manager, it is likely that it will be more difficult to prepare for the next game because there will be less historical information to work with and study.

Many will remember Harris as the manager of Gillingham when they knocked Saints out of the League Cup earlier this season, though that was a very different Southampton team.

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