April 24, 2024

This season, the Atlanta Braves could have a number of essential players.
The Atlanta Braves’ lineup is perhaps the strongest in baseball.

Several significant players on Atlanta’s squad might claim the title of most indispensable player. Will Leitch of MLB.com took on the chore of identifying each team’s most indispensable player.

For the Atlanta Braves, he identified centerfielder Michael Harris II as the player the NL East champions would be lost without.

“Harris might seem like a bit of a reach considering how many superstars play for this team, but it’s worth remembering how much his ability to play center field instantly changed this team when he was called up in 2022,” Leitch said in a statement. Atlanta’s center fielders were ranked 28th in MLB in WAR in 2021, but have since improved to the top ten. Harris’ presence bolstered the outfield defense and provided an additional offensive producer and glue guy in the order. There is no true replacement for many of the Braves’ players, but losing Harris II would require them to adjust fundamental components of what defines them as the Braves.”


Michael Harris II exudes no emotions but lots of talent and - richy.com.vn


Harris has been a valuable asset to the Braves since his debut, and he is a nice decision, but other options would have been equally appropriate. Braves first baseman Matt Olson led the MLB in home runs last season; it would be very impossible for Atlanta to replicate that output.

Another alternative is Spencer Strider. With uncertainties regarding Atlanta’s starting rotation, one could argue that Strider is Atlanta’s most crucial player.

But Money Mike’s ability to impact the game both offensively and defensively makes it more difficult to replace him than other possibilities, so this pick makes sense.






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