July 16, 2024

Will Still has given his ‘honest’ opinion on how he intends to deal with Sunderland’s interest this summer.

Will Still has coached Ligue 1 team Reims since 2022 and has immediately gone viral owing to his age of 30, prompting the club to be fined €25,000 per match for not holding a UEFA Pro Licence.

The Belgian-English coach has done quite well since then, with Reims presently six points away from a Europa League spot next season.

Still was first connected with a transfer to Sunderland following Tony Mowbray’s dismissal in December, and he was claimed to have held negotiations with the club. However, they ultimately made the error of picking Michael Beale instead.

Unsurprisingly, his own departure sparked even more curiosity about Still, and the 31-year-old was not hesitant to confront it.

Only days after Beale’s departure, Still told The Athletic that he would ‘love’ to join a ‘ambitious’ Championship team, fueling speculation that he could go to Wearside this summer.

There has been little talk since, with Kristjaan Speakman likely considering all of his alternatives in the months remaining before Mike Dodds is formally replaced.

Still has been questioned about his candor on the podcast L’Enfer du Banc.

He stated, “I prefer to be perfectly honest and completely open with everyone because it avoids rumours,’someone told me that…’, and innuendos that are detestable in the world of football. I prefer to be transparent.”

“I told the directors here, ‘Yeah, there are clubs that call me, clubs that are interested in what we do, because I’m never alone.'” I find that flattering. I think it would be silly of me not to find it flattering. If others inquire, I’m not going to start lying to give the impression that I’m stressed when I’m not. That’s why I said it, especially in that funny tone.”

Could Sunderland appoint Will Still?

Will Still: The 30-year-old English manager taking France by storm


While Reims will not want Will Still to leave, if Sunderland are willing to pay his compensation money, I’m sure he will promote the move.

His recent comments imply he might be interested in joining Sunderland, but I believe it would be heavily dependent on his discussions with the owner and Speakman, and how they went.

Many managers might be turned off by Sunderland’s lack of control, but maybe the club’s ambition and desire to bring in young players will entice him.

He appears to be a terrific fit for us, but it almost feels too good to be true. The last time we thought we were getting Still, we got Michael Beale, so don’t get too happy.

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