April 18, 2024

Vincent Kompany has praised Burnley’s ability to maintain composure despite their Premier League problems.
The Clarets have had a difficult first season back in the top flight, scoring only 13 points after 27 games and are 11 points short of safety.

An immediate return to the Championship is certain, but despite the dismal run of performances, Kompany’s career appears secure.

The club’s decision to take a long-term approach has provided peace, according to the Clarets manager.

“The long-term view happens in the summer when you discuss all of this,” he went on to say.

“I can assure you that for the time being, my focus is solely on the West Ham game.

“But in the end, having had the opportunity to really talk through a lot of the things that could happen this season, how we want to handle it, and who we want to be, it just makes it a little simpler to focus on your job.

“My only goal has always been to win the next match and keep this place alive.

“What we’ve done really well is, despite the fact that it hasn’t been an easy season, I don’t believe we’ve ever gotten into any chaotic scenes. The atmosphere is peaceful.


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“We will let everyone on the outside to express their opinions; we are pleased to present every viewpoint; it is not an issue.

“But I feel that the trust is built because you’re calm and you’re consistent.”

Kompany admits there will be a time and place to analyze where things went wrong this season, but not right now.

“Do you know?” “It’s a good question, but it will be more relevant in a few months after the season is over,” he continued.

“That’s when you have to be completely honest. I’m the manager, and I’m ultimately responsible and accountable, but you can’t start patting yourself on the head too soon when there’s still so much at stake.

“It might still be the best time of our lives by the end of the season, so don’t draw any conclusions right now. But in the summer, we’ll conduct a full and honest review of what we’ve done well and where we could have done better.”

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