April 24, 2024

Newcastle United’s Anthony Gordon was crippled by worry after responding furiously when being pulled off at Brentford last season, but Eddie Howe understood his fury.

Anthony Gordon admits he was’so startled’ by Eddie Howe’s encouragement when the Newcastle United forward ‘overstepped the mark’ at Brentford last season.

Gordon, who had only gone on at halftime, was unhappy when he was substituted in the dying stages of Newcastle’s 2-1 victory at the Gtech Community Stadium. As Gordon hobbled off the field, the substitute brushed Howe off before the Magpies manager approached the 23-year-old for a hushed discussion.

Gordon apologized, and that April afternoon served as a mini turning point. The mid-season recruit embraced the club’s team-first philosophy after being hooked at half-time against Southampton a few weeks later and rushing over to celebrate Newcastle’s opener against Brighton with his teammates despite not being on the field.

Gordon has subsequently become one of the first names on the team sheet, having contributed directly to 15 Premier League goals in 27 games this season, and the father-of-one has definitely come a long way from that day in the capital less than a year before.

“We had two days off after, and I just remember the anxiety,” Gordon told the Daily Mail. “Nothing could remove it. I couldn’t really go about my day. I was terrible company for my family. It was that sickening feeling in my gut. “I’m passionate, but that was way over the line.”

He continued, “Honestly, the days off killed me! Someone texted, ‘Are you training with the under-23s?’ I’m wondering, “What?” Nobody has told me so, but am I?!

“I spoke with the gaffer as soon as I got back in. I was astounded at how he treated me. He basically said, ‘Whether you like it or not, you’ll be successful here.’

“I didn’t expect that talk. He understood where I was coming from. It was the insecurity of not doing what I expected. I regret it, of course, but the way the management handled it was quite helpful.”


Newcastle United - Anthony Gordon


Howe stated that there was ‘no concern’ at the time, and that Gordon’s ‘youthful desire’ was the ‘strong element that has propelled him ahead’.

“He has definitely matured,” he added. “For someone so young, he’s had a lot of really excellent experiences, but not all of them are favorable. His time at Everton would have undoubtedly strengthened him, given it was a trying period for him. He had been with the club for a long time.

“He had a tough year last year. He has now left Liverpool, which is a significant development for someone so young. He recently had a baby, and anyone who has gone through that as a young man understands the impact that can have on your mind and life. He’s got some very positive things going on in his life right now that keep him grounded and driven to succeed, and fingers crossed he can keep up his form.”

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