April 19, 2024

Newcastle United transfers: Kieran Trippier has spoken out about his potential January move to Bayern Munich.
Kieran Trippier, Newcastle United’s right-back, confessed his amazement when Bayern Munich came knocking in January.

During the winter transfer window, Newcastle rejected the Bundesliga champions’ proposal of £12.8 million for Trippier. Bayern then officially dropped their interest in the right-back, while Trippier stayed at Newcastle.

In January 2022, the 33-year-old joined Newcastle from Atletico Madrid for £12 million, and he has since made 88 appearances for the club, the most of them as captain. Despite Trippier’s contract expiring next summer, United were determined to retain him in January.

Trippier commented on the transfer drama, saying: “Not really [tough]. To be honest, it was crazy because I was in New York and was woken up at 5 a.m. their time saying, ‘Bayern Munich wants to sign you’, so I was thinking, ‘This is a bit random’.

“I never expected Bayern Munich to want to sign me when I was 33 years old, so it surprised me more than anyone else.

“Then I called the manager right away, and to be honest, he knows how committed I am to the club. I never attempted to force a move out of the club.

Trippier’s opportunity to join one of the most successful teams in world football may have been made more appealing by the fact that two of his former Tottenham Hotspur teammates, Harry Kane and Eric Dier, are now at Bayern.

When asked if he had spoken with Kane about the probable move, Trippier replied, “I speak to Harry all the time.

“Of course, Harry was texting me, but it wasn’t the best thing for me. But I consider it a compliment that a team like Bayern Munich wants to sign me.


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“[Kane] wasn’t pressuring; he was simply texting ‘Is it true?’, little things like that, honestly, just telling me it was warmer than Newcastle and joking around!

“But, no, Harry is a professional; he would not try to tap me up, as we say. “There was nothing to say, really.”

Trippier’s decision to leave Atletico Madrid and return to England with Newcastle United in 2022 was largely influenced by his family and young children. And that crossed his mind again after Bayern’s proposal.

However, the right back believes that other players in his situation would have ‘jumped at the chance’.

“Of course [it’s flattering],” Trippier added. “As I mentioned, I’m 33 years old; I never expected someone like Bayern to come in for me at my age, so I take it as a compliment.

“A massive club – I believe many other players would have leaped at the chance to join Bayern, which is a reality.

“But I’ve been loyal to the club and my family is important – travelling three different countries in three years, it’s not really ideal, is it?”

Trippier is now out injured for Newcastle’s next two games against Chelsea and Manchester City. He will miss the forthcoming England squad, although he could return in time for the match against West Ham United at St James’ Park on March 30 (12:30pm kick-off).

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