April 23, 2024

Sunderland interim manager Mike Dodds has spoken out about his future at the Stadium of Light in an interview with The Northern Echo.
Sunderland has struggled since Dodds took over. Following back-to-back losses in Michael Beale’s last two games in charge, Dodds took over, but his club has since lost four consecutive games.

Their chances of making the top six appear to be dwindling week each week, and attention may soon shift to next season. The summer transfer window will provide the Black Cats with another opportunity to strengthen their hopes of promotion from the Championship next season.

However, there will be a decision in the dugout to deal with. Sunderland has had three managers this season, and it is becoming increasingly vital that their next selection is appropriate.

The current temporary manager spoke with The Northern Echo on his future at the club and in management as a whole.

“I could take a step back, but that’s not in my nature,” he added.

“People ask, ‘Are you enjoying it?'” I’m not enjoying it because I’ve lost four in a row, and your ego takes a serious hit. But the pressure is highly addictive.

“One thing this has taught me is that once you recognize that negativity isn’t going to help you develop or have clarity in what you’re trying to do, you become quite clear about your goals. it, in terms of defending myself, I believe the greatest way to do it is to be completely sincere and genuine in whatever I do.”

Should Sunderland keep Dodds on?

He's massively respected' - Dan Neil welcomes Mike Dodds return as  Sunderland head coach - Sports Illustrated Sunderland Nation


If Sunderland finishes the season strongly and Dodds demonstrates his abilities, the club may decide to keep him beyond the summer and into the following season. But it all depends on what happens in the last stretch of the present season.

So far, he has led four games to less-than-satisfactory results. They appear to be in free decline, so stemming the rot and keeping their play-off ambitions alive will be the primary priorities before making any judgments about who will head the squad.

They went with experience at the start of the season with Tony Mowbray, and they appeared to be on track for a top-six finish. Following this, they hired a new upcoming manager, Beale, which did not proceed as planned. As a result, rather than giving Dodds the keys the next time around, they may choose a seasoned and experienced manager to offer themselves the best opportunity of advancement.


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