April 22, 2024

Travis Kelce is enjoying his life with Taylor Swift. The Kansas City Chiefs tight end is currently enjoying life with his partner, six months after they made their relationship public.

However, being one-half of one of the most well-publicized NFL romances in recent years will undoubtedly attract some criticism. It’s almost as if being a renowned pair comes with the territory.
However, Kelce’s ex-girlfriend argued that Taylor Swift’s man isn’t as pristine as he appears to be. She had warned her that he would always be a problematic cheater. However, NFL fans who adored the duo were eager to pounce on her.

Travis Kelce’s ex warned Taylor Swift about history of cheating, gets punked by NFL fans

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According to Kelce’s ex-girlfriend, she wanted the Cruel Summer singer to know that she is dating a cheater. She believed it was her responsibility to inform her about the dangers of dating the Kansas City Chiefs star.
Fans quickly turned on her, claiming that she was merely jealous of how well her ex was doing. According to Andrew Holleran of The Spun:

“I wish her luck, but as a girl, I would advise her to be smart.””Once a cheater, always a cheater,” Kelce’s ex-girlfriend, Maya Benberry, stated.

However, NFL fans aren’t entirely convinced. Many believe the ex-girlfriend is simply envious.

“Jealousy’s the ugliest trait,” one fan commented.

“Relationships can be challenging, but everyone deserves the opportunity to grow and evolve. “Wishing Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift happiness and success in their respective journeys,” one fan said.

“She’s just bitter,” one fan commented.

“She’s just jealous,” another fan commented.

“Did she tell the other women he dated after her about this? “If the answer is no, she is simply jealous,” one fan added.

How will Travis Kelce show out for the Kansas City Chiefs next season?

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Prove They're in-Sync on Game Day - Parade


The Kansas City Chiefs will once again rely on Kelce to carry them offensively in 2024. While they’ve made progress in free agency, it’s clear that he’s still an important component of what makes the Kansas City offense work.

Last season, the 34-year-old tight end had 93 receptions for 984 yards and five touchdowns. He was also vital on the Chiefs’ unlikely journey to Super Bowl LVIII.

Patrick Mahomes will be looking his way for many games this season, and supporters will be hoping that nothing goes wrong with his relationship with Swift when the season finally begins.


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