April 22, 2024

The media and Newcastle United.

So, why do they want NUFC to fail?

Simple: it’s a big story.

If Newcastle United fails, the media can point to the Saudis’ investment and how it has made no difference to the club. It has made no impact because the club, its players, staff, and fans are just not worthy of it.

They can argue that the rightful big six will never be dethroned and will always be the powers that be.

How, despite its wealth, the Saudi regime has failed miserably due of its unethical treatment of its citizens.

That is what the media writes when Newcastle United fails, and they wish for us to lose so they can write such garbage.

Typically, success stories revolve around how…

Newcastle United’s success is attributed to the Saudis’ massive investments. The Saudis did not deserve the money, which should have gone to a top six club.

How lucky Newcastle United were, etc., etc.

The media only wants to write negative things about us since much of it is owned by a few clubs known as the self-proclaimed big six, and the majority of that media is controlled and fed by Manchester United’s media department, which includes the purportedly neutral BBC and many others.

So disregard the media and instead focus on the team and support them.

The Saudis will invest in the stadium; they may enlarge St. James’ Park or build a completely new one; to me, it makes sense to develop something that generates significantly more income than it does now.


Newcastle set to wear Adidas shirts in 2024-25 after Amazon Prime  documentary revealed a five-year deal with the German company in leaked  episodes | Daily Mail Online


So, even if they rebuild in St. James’ Park, they will continue to invest in the surrounding neighborhood and other locations, such as shopping malls, hotels, and universities, because these would undoubtedly generate considerably more cash.

They will invest in the training grounds and create something that the rest of the globe will envy.

Newcastle United aims to be the world’s biggest club, with the largest stadium and the highest revenue generation of any team, but all of this will take time.

They plan to create a stadium that is large enough to accommodate any club.

Manchester United will be unable to do so since they are aware that public funding is required; nevertheless, we can, because guess what?

We do not need it!

The northern equivalent of Wembley Stadium will not be held at Old Trafford or any other location in Manchester.

Instead, the Wembley of the North will be in Newcastle, dwarfing even Wembley and any other stadium, attracting crowds from all over the world who will come just to say they’ve been there, and they will all come to Newcastle, spending their money in venues throughout the city that benefit the club, the city, and its fans, as well as the Saudis.

As for the rats in Manchester, they hope that the Rat(cliffe) who owns a portion of them will make them big again, and then eventually, when the money runs out, which it will, they pray in vain that a day will come again for them.

Then they could become a feeder club for Newcastle United.

(***This was initially submitted in the comments section of The Mag, but we felt it merited a larger audience as an article.)

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