July 16, 2024

Burnley signed Manchester City junior goalkeeper James Trafford for a reported sum of £15 million, which may go to £19 million with add-ons.

The Englishman’s transfer made him the third-most expensive British goalkeeper in history.

Trafford had a solid start at Turf Moor, most notably stunning with 10 saves in a 1-1 draw against Brighton last December, earning him Man of the Match honors.

However, the superb shot-stopper has struggled in recent outings. Trafford has encountered struggles, surrendering 62 goals in 28 Premier League games this season and keeping only two clean sheets.

This drop in form has caused alarm among fans and commentators alike.

Alan Shearer criticises Vincent Kompany for James Trafford management

James Trafford: Burnley sign Manchester City goalkeeper in four-year deal  worth £19m - BBC Sport


Former English striker and pundit Alan Shearer criticized Vincent Kompany’s choice to keep Trafford in the team despite his problems and blunders during difficult times.

Shearer sympathized with the 21-year-old, emphasizing the great strain put on a young and inexperienced player in his maiden English Premier League season.

Shearer stated on The Rest Is Football podcast that it would have been useful for Trafford to be momentarily removed from the team to think and regroup, given the demanding nature of the goalkeeper position.

He said:

“I think it’s been a really tough season for him, and at times, I think he should’ve been pulled.” I think Vincent [Kompany] made a mistake by leaving him there while he was under a lot of pressure.

“And when that happens, I believe it is often best to take a step back and ponder before giving the job to someone else, because goalkeeping is a difficult position to begin with.

“But someone who’s so young and inexperienced, to come into the Premier League and be asked to do such a huge job, it’s a tough ask and I think it’s been unfair on him at times.”

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