July 21, 2024

It was a free week at The Valley, but the club released a message from the ownership and announced the pricing for next season’s season tickets.

Along with that, there was the unexpected plan to build a thousand safe spots at the back of the Covered End.

Starting with the purchase of next year’s season tickets, the pricing appears reasonable, with an average increase of 5%, and additional selling features such as the creation of a space for 16 to 20-year-olds in the Covered End West Quadrant.

CAST championed this, hoping to attract younger fans to games. I have to admit that when I was that age, I wanted to hang around with the Covered End men rather than be locked in a corner.

There will also be a Fan Zone built outside the stadium.

Of course, one thing remains constant: supporters will come to see an exciting and successful team play in a raucous and atmospheric stadium. Pricing will always be a factor to consider, but get us near the top of the table and people will come.

If the Addicks have a successful season, I am confident that I will continue to support British Airways.

Safe standing has been a matter of discussion at The Valley since licenses were authorized nearly ten years ago. CAST had a lengthy discussion with Katrien Meire, who provided us with a sofa instead, which is now owned by Thomas Sandgaard.


Charlton owner Thomas Sandgaard labels Craig Freeman takeover move merely a  “distraction” | by Benjy Nurick | Medium


Safe Standing is fantastic news, and it will add to the commotion in the Covered End. I understand there has been some dispute, but the back eight rows of the upper tier make the most sense, and I believe the pitch of the lower tier stand would make viewing impossible. Congratulations to the club on that one.

Bravo to Global Football Partners for their letter to supporters. It shows a lot of promise, but I believe “the men’s first-team season has been disappointing. “In particular, December and January were a bruising period for all Addicks” is the epitome of understatement.

However, there is some excellent stuff in there, and I look forward to some deeds to accompany the words, but I believe we are gradually turning the good ship Charlton around.



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