June 25, 2024

Sunderland’s under-21s manager, Graeme Murty, describes his position working with the club’s main squad.
Sunderland’s under-21s manager, Graeme Murty, says it’s been a pleasure working with the first-team staff while hoping to strengthen ties between the two groups.

Murty, who was formerly an interim manager at Rangers, has been assisting Sunderland’s first-team coaching staff since Mike Dodds took over the club in February, while also directing the under-21s setup.

“It’s really enjoyable because I get to see the 21s, the first team, and I see what the link is, the commonalities,” Murty said when asked how his role has altered in the last month. “I see a lot of similarities in areas where we need to improve. To advance, we must improve our teamwork.

“The first-team staff have been extremely accommodating, ensuring that I understand everything that is going on and that I am completely informed about the plans. It’s been a pleasure working with the first-team players. The first-team players are great to work with, very upbeat, and work hard every day. It’s been quite encouraging for me to see them working like that and hopefully be able to help them in some small way.


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“I can take some of the acts I learn there and apply them to the younger ones. What has been particularly encouraging is the frequency with which the young players have been promoted to the first team. You can see several of them on the bench, as well.

“I’ve told the players that just being known and doing it for a while isn’t enough. We need to be very consistent in our standards and strive to improve every day.”

Regarding his first-team duty, Murty stated, “My role is to support.” All I’m attempting to do is provide value wherever I’m asked. My role is very obvious. It is not my responsibility to come in and urge for wholesale reform. My job is to go and help the guys that are in there. The guys in there have ideas on how we’re going to play and what we’re going to do next, and I’m just there to offer value.”

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