April 23, 2024

That was boring as dishwater, but that is Gareth Southgate football for you!

Few England players stood out with the defeat to Brazil, but Newcastle United’s flying machine, Anthony Gordon, can surely hold his head high.

The 23-year-old made his England debut at Wembley Stadium and was perhaps his team’s finest player.

The England team had a lethargic performance ahead of Euro 2024, with little support for the forward line and a lack of attacking punch.

Antony Gordon was the sole true spark, performing as if he were in black and white.

After the game, he complimented Jude Bellingham and how he loved playing with the Real Madrid player the most, as he told talkSPORT (23/03/24 at 9:20 pm).

What’s intriguing here is that the former Everton player mentioned how the two had a ‘link-up’ during training.

So, while there is a clear instant connection between the two, which Newcastle fans will undoubtedly appreciate, it cannot result in a goal on the pitch.

Anthony Gordon and Jude Bellingham

Jude Bellingham 'a gift for football' - Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti  praises record-breaking England star - Eurosport


“Everyone, to be honest with you,” Gordon remarked when asked who he enjoyed playing with the most.
“But I enjoyed playing with Jude [Bellingham]. He always wants the ball, and he strives to be upbeat and creative.

“I believe we had a link-up in training that I really loved, and it showed tonight. Unfortunately, we were unable to get a goal from it. The more I play with him and the other different players, the more comfortable I become with how they play.”

Anthony Gordon at Euro 2024

That’s the goal, but it’s not certain.

Newcastle fans will yell and demand that he be handed the plane ticket to Germany.

But everyone knows Southgate adores his favourites.

Will this be a straight shootout between Gordon and Marcus Rashford of Manchester United? Or will he accept both?

How about Jack Grealish? He simply hasn’t played or been on his game this season, but it hasn’t stopped England’s manager from sending out-of-form players to important tournaments before.

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