April 13, 2024

Sunderland non-executive director Leo Pearlman has reacted to Kyril Louis-Dreyfus’ new move.
Sunderland non-executive director Leo Pearlman has sent a lengthy statement to fans following owner Kyril Louis Dreyfus’ announcement of more investment for the Stadium of Light.

Sunderland stated earlier this week that they will embark on a massive investment project for the Stadium of Light this summer, with Louis-Dreyfus claiming that it will provide ‘long-term advantages’ to the club’s fans.

The adjustments are scheduled to be implemented in time for the new campaign, with 3,000 safe-standing places being offered for the first time. 2,000 of them will be available to home fans in the Roker End, while the remaining 1,000 will be in the North Stand Upper.

Sunderland will also invest in a new PA system and floodlights, as well as resurfacing the pitch and installing a new undersoil heating system. The club has also stated that he will work with the Supporter Collective to identify any other maintenance issues that need to be rectified before the next campaign begins.

Sunderland non-executive director and Fullwell73 boss Pearlman took to LinkedIn to respond to the news, urging fans to support the squad ahead of the last eight games of the 2023-24 season.

“When I was asked last October to join the SAFC board as a non-exec director of the club I’ve loved and supported all my life, it’s hard to express just how much joy, excitement and responsibility I felt,” Pearlman wrote in a post on LinkedIn.

“I consider my position a privilege and an honour; I was grateful to be asked by the chairman, and I regard my duty as representing the people of our beautiful city and our global fanbase. After all, I’m first and foremost a fan; when we lose, it hurts me, and I want nothing more than to see success on and off the field.

“The club’s announcement this week of a massive investment in the stadium and fan experience, the largest of its sort since the Stadium of Light opened its doors 27 years ago, is a clear statement of intent from the present ownership.


Let's have a Sunderland Barbie': Leo Pearlman on his plan to build a new  Hollywood on Wearside | Television | The Guardian



“The club is working hard to improve in all areas, including providing better service to our most valuable asset, our incredible fans. We understand and cherish what our fans bring to this club; without you, we are nothing.

“There is still much work to be done, both on and off the pitch; if mistakes are made, it is not due to a lack of ambition or good aim, but no one associated with our great club will rest until we have accomplished everything that the supporters deserve.

“Let’s all of us get behind the team for these last eight games and show once again that we’re the best fans in the world, here’s to three points against Cardiff and an end to the season that we can all be proud of.”

Sunderland return to Championship play against Cardiff City on Good Friday in Wales, looking for a win after going seven games without one, including six consecutive losses.

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