July 21, 2024

Rex Chapman tells unique stories about his interactions with Michael Jordan and Stephen Curry, providing insight into their off-court lives.

Rex Chapman’s latest visit on ‘Vlad TV’ offered an intriguing look at his interactions with two basketball legends: Michael Jordan and Stephen Curry. In a candid chat, Chapman offered stories about gambling with Jordan and babysitting a young Curry, which provided light on their off-court interactions and personalities.

“We spent a week or two together, playing basketball, golf, and gambling. So yeah, Michael and I were extremely good friends the whole time and still are, but his parents lived in Charlotte, so they came to all of our games.”

“I got to know them and their entire family pretty well while I was living there. So, absolutely, but I went down the first time and spent the summer with Michael before my rookie season.”

“And we played golf, cards, and everything for days, but at the end, I had no idea how much money we were spending for nothing, and I don’t have much money.” I have some cash in the bank, and at the end of the trip, he says, “Okay, you owe so-and-so ten grand, blah blah blah blah.”

“I had a checkbook so I wrote a check for ten grand gave it and then I had to call up a booster friend in Kentucky to get him to wire me some money to cover the gambling debt and get me to my first paycheck in the fall.” (0:51)

Chapman recounted a memorable interaction with Michael Jordan during his debut season in the NBA. Chapman, desperate for competitive games to prepare for training camp, accepted Jordan’s invitation to hang out in North Carolina. They spent a week or two doing a variety of things, such as basketball, golf, and gambling.

Chapman characterized Jordan as a wonderful buddy, revealing that they had a tight relationship throughout their careers. However, one particular gambling spree left Chapman with a large debt, requiring him to hustle for funds to pay it off before his first paycheck arrived in the fall. He was even obliged to write a check because he did not have enough money to repay his loan.


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In another eye-opening story, Chapman talked about babysitting Stephen Curry during their playing days.

“Yes, I was constantly assigned to the backseat. Muggsy had all of the legroom in the front seat, and we didn’t put him in the baby seat. But Stephen would ride in the rear with me, and Dell and Muggs in the front.”

“I’m sure we weren’t discussing how terrific we were, but we were undoubtedly listening to sports radio. Muggsy and I were lottery picks, and Dell was a first-round pick.”

“The concept that the infant sitting next to us could be the best player in the world, the greatest shooter in history, or even an NBA player at all was unthinkable. Now, he was the best baby, the best little kid, from birth till he departed for Davidson.”

“The best kid in the world and if there was any of the kids that we all grew up around that would have gone on to do this, Stephan is the one that deserves it.” (6:34)

Chapman, Dell Curry, and Muggsy Bogues established a tight-knit group within the Charlotte Hornets organization. Chapman found himself seated in the backseat next to a young Curry, who would go on to become one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

Despite their impoverished beginnings, Chapman recognized Curry’s extraordinary character and talent from a young age, naming him the star among their group of aspiring sportsmen.

Chapman’s anecdotes provide insight into the personal lives and relationships of two basketball giants. Chapman’s experiences, which include bonding over golf and cards with Jordan and sharing car trips and discussions with a young Curry, illustrate the human side of these larger-than-life superstars.

Chapman’s stories provide unique insights into Jordan and Curry’s personalities and character attributes, which have contributed to their success both on and off the basketball court.

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