June 25, 2024

Sunderland recently met with the supporters’ group to discuss a number of crucial issues.
Kristjaan Speakman has provided several updates on Sunderland’s hunt for a new head coach, emphasizing the club’s willingness to be patient in order to make the right hire.

Mike Dodds appears to be set to continue in charge until the summer, with the club’s sporting director predicting that fortunes would improve in the coming weeks when some key players return from injury and suspension. Speakman was one of several club officials that met with the supporter group on March 12th to provide an update on the Black Cats Bar catastrophe on behalf of Kyril Louis-Dreyfus.

Speakman was asked about the club’s hunt for Michael Beale’s replacement during the meeting, and he stated that discussions had begun.

“KS explained that the Club has confidence in the team and the team behind the team,” the minutes of the meeting stated.

“Players are returning in the next weeks, and while it’s a difficult time, we need to be together. He referred to Southampton’s exceptional support and believes fans will remain positive about the squad. Regarding the Head Coach search, he stated that the club consciously took a period of reflection following Michael Beale’s departure and is presently speaking with prospective Head Coach candidates. “This will lead to formal interviews and a decision.”

Speakman also stated that he solicited informal feedback from supporters early this year to better grasp the situation, adding that the poor style of play on offer was a major factor in Beale’s eventual departure.

“KS referenced that this was also recognised within the Club,” remarked in response to a comment from a supporter about the reduction in playing style over the season.

“The goal was to develop the playing identity and increase outcomes. Michael focused on not surrendering particular types of goals in order to improve, which had a significant negative impact on his playing style.”

Speakman also addressed a handful of supporters’ worries regarding the recruitment process for the new head coach, indicating that a potential candidate would be permitted to make some additions to the coaching staff after Beale arrived totally on his own earlier this year.

“KS confirmed a Head Coach would be able to bring in an assistant coach(es), providing it was an appropriate recommendation,” the minutes of the meeting read.

“He added that the Club are also keen to maintain consistency and continuity across football operations, as like new ideas, input and people, this will aid success.”


Sunderland's Mike Dodds sets out head coach ambition but insists he's in no  rush - Chronicle Live


Speakman also stated that the team would consider paying compensation to recruit a candidate from another club, a practice that has not occurred since his arrival. However, he also stated that this would not ensure a successful appointment.

“KS felt there was little correlation to a compensation fee and future success – there are simply too many variables,” the report said.

“Opportunities must be viable and sensible, but that does not mean the Club wouldn’t source a Head Coach currently in post at another Club.”

The next meeting between the club and the supporter collective will be held on May 9th. The entire minutes of this month’s meeting are accessible here.

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