April 19, 2024

One former Newcastle United player has decided who he would rather partner up front: Alan Shearer or Harry Kane?
Les Ferdinand, a former Newcastle United striker, has stated who he would rather play alongside: Harry Kane or Alan Shearer. Ferdinand worked alongside Kane as a coach and assistant manager at Tottenham Hotspur before moving to QPR.

He also had a very successful combination with Alan Shearer at Newcastle United, although it lasted only one season before he joined Spurs in August 1997. During their one season together, Ferdinand scored 16 Premier League goals and Shearer scored 25.


Les Ferdinand leaves his role as QPR director of football | beIN SPORTS


On the Stick to Football podcast, Ferdinand was asked by Gary Neville who he would choose to play alongside among England’s all-time record scorers and the Premier League’s all-time record scorers: “That’s tough.” Ferdinand spoke.

“I’m going to be polite, but I’d go with Shearer because I’ve played with him and understand his strengths. I worked with Harry, but I would definitely choose Alan.”

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