April 18, 2024

Ronald Acuña Jr. recently tweeted an inspiring statement ahead of the 2024 season, adding to his already impressive list of reasons to love him. In his letter to Braves country, published yesterday in the Players Tribune, the reigning NL MVP opened up to fans in ways he never has before.

If you have 15-20 minutes to spare, we highly recommend that you read the entire narrative. If you want the short version and crucial elements from his message, we’ve got you covered too.

Ronald Acuña Jr. opens up like never before

It’s tough to capture the emotional message Ronald conveyed, but the main topic of this narrative was how hard Ronald had to work to achieve where he is now. He began by discussing how it was his goal to play Major League Baseball one day.

Ronald claims he spent a lot of time scraping together old newspaper and tape to build homemade baseballs and bats for himself and his friends to play with. He mentioned how generous his mother was to share what little money she could spare so that Ronald could play baseball with his pals.

He then discussed how much he desired fame and the changes he needed to make once he achieved it. This story will make you realize how difficult it is for Latin American baseball players to leave their families and friends behind for so much of the year.

The difficulties that arise in ordinary interactions are something we all take for granted. Because of the language barrier, even something as simple as ordering food feels like a math exam for many of the athletes. Ronald was not an exception to this.

He then discussed the anguish of losing baseball after he tore his ACL. Ronald talked about the harsh rehabs and his self-doubt, which made him worry whether he’d ever be the same athlete again.

Then, in the final portion, he states his objectives. Ronald says his main goal is to PLAY in the World Series and win another championship for Atlanta. He paints a wonderful picture of the final out falling in his glove and the citywide celebration that would follow. Overall, it was a lovely message, and I believe Braves fans needed to hear it from their franchise player.

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