April 23, 2024

Nathan Jones expects Charlton Athletic to complete nearly all of their summer transfer window activity by the end of June.

The Welshman, who took over as manager at the beginning of February, has the Addicks unbeaten in eight League One games.

Now that Charlton has avoided relegation, the medium-term goal is to construct a squad capable of competing at the top of the table.

Jones told the South London Press that he did not anticipate to have much time off this summer.

“I normally go on vacation, but this is definitely one of my busiest periods because we’re planning and driving stuff.

“When we return in late June, we hope the atmosphere will have changed. Hopefully, we’ll have about 99 percent of our squad in place.

“That is the type of environment we want to foster here, rather than going into preseason with six players short and adding players in August.

“We aim to finish everything by the end of June, if feasible, so that everyone has a full six weeks to work together.

“That’s the plan. That necessitates a lot of hard effort in May and June. You are not always able to accommodate my vacation schedule.

“I’ll make sure to take some time off to rest because there are a lot of people in my life who have made sacrifices for me to achieve this, and they must be returned. Then, I’ll make sure to keep Charlton at the forefront of everything we do.”


Reaction given as Charlton Athletic look to seal "ambitious" Nathan Jones  move


This season, the Addicks have seven games remaining, the first of which is today against Exeter City.

“We want to lay foundations here,” Jones stated.

“Yeah, we have a busy summer ahead of us, but we need to focus on the task at hand for the next month or so before we start planning. Behind the scenes, we are making plans for next year because we need to, which is smart planning and decision-making.

“But our primary focus is on keep getting points, keep working with this group, keep evaluating this group, keep improving this group – getting it to a point where, in a month’s time, we can really make sane decisions moving forward.”

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