April 22, 2024

Adams understands the fans’ outrage, but he believes the players must move on and not dwell on the past.

Che Adams understands that Scotland’s Euro 2024-bound squad has already shown itself and is too excellent to just beat themselves up over the next two months.

Steve Clarke’s team is struggling to win right now, and friendly defeats to the Netherlands and Northern Ireland have extended their winless streak to seven games. The Tartan Army booed their Germany-bound teammates following Ireland’s defeat. Adams believes the tide will shift before Scotland reaches the finals this summer.

In June, they will play two additional friendlies against Gibraltar and Finland at home. When asked about the supporters’ reaction, Adams replied, “It’s understandable.” We went into the game expecting to win, but that wasn’t the case.

“The worst thing, however, would be to beat yourself up over it and believe you are a lousy squad. We are certainly not. We’ll just have to put things right in June.

“I believe we’ll be prepared for that come the Euros in June. Those games will be very different. There is a different mood and feel to the location. We’re all looking forward to it, and hopefully the fans are too.”

Adams understands that results must improve, but manager Clarke and the Scottish Football Association have made every effort to test this bunch. There have been important friendlies against England, France, and the Netherlands, as well as some challenging away Euro qualifiers in Spain and Georgia. It comes as they prepare for the real action, when they face Germany, Switzerland, and Hungary in their Euro qualification group.

The Southampton attacker remarked, “The clubs we’ve faced haven’t been easy to play against. That demonstrates the squad’s progress and our willingness to push ourselves. That is what you must do if you want to improve your country.

“Maybe the high was so great, and we were in a terrific situation, that it was difficult to accept losses at that point. We just have to keep positive, and perhaps there will be many more positives to come.”

The Northern Ireland defeat was arguably the most difficult to accept. Scotland was anticipated to win that game, but they were unable to convert their possession into goals against a nation 40 places below in the standings.

Adams said, “I thought we played well.” We did not create enough chances to score, but they defended effectively. They were a difficult team to break down, but we understood that before the game.

“They were very well drilled and put up. One goal separated the sides, and they sadly got it, but we have lots of positives to look forward to, as well as plenty of time to set things right before June.

“The message is to not be too down. We have a lot of good moments coming up. We’ll take the positives from the other night and keep going.

Manager Clarke was down after the two defeats, but he emphasized that there are many positives ahead for this group of players and the country.

The 27-year-old said: “He was a little dejected and sad, but there are plenty of positives to come. You do not become a negative side overnight. The coach wanted two wins at this camp, but we couldn’t do it. It will produce both positive and bad results.

“We’re prepared for that when we get back together in June. “The manager will have to make some decisions then.”


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The current form contrasts sharply with Scotland’s unbeaten five-game winning streak that secured their participation in Euro 2024. Adams was a prominent figure under Steve Clarke. He was also a member of the Euro 2020 squad and believes the team is in better shape.

Adams stated: “I suppose so, yeah. We currently have a good squad. We recently faced some excellent nations and difficult teams to play against. We just have to take the positives from it.

The main concern for the Scotland squad is who will make Clarke’s final 13. That implies five players must be eliminated from this team, while Callum McGregor, Aaron Hickey, and Grant Hanley must also be added. Clarke faces some difficult decisions, and Adams understands that it is now time to make an impression on the domestic scene.

He stated, “I just have to keep doing what I’ve been doing at the club level, and we’ll see what happens.” The manager will have many decisions to make, and everyone wants to be on the aircraft to the Euros. Everyone will be striving to perform at the maximum level between now and then.

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