April 13, 2024

Sandro Tonali has been charged with new betting allegations, but Newcastle United does not expect it to affect his return date.
The FA issued a statement on Thursday afternoon, indicating that the Italian broke 50 betting rules between August 12th and October 12th, 2023, raising fears that his current sentence might be extended until August 26th, 2024.

However, a number of North-East media have disclosed that his violations during his time in Italy and England have been classified as ‘one period of betting activity’, implying that he is unlikely to face any further punishment.

Keith Downie (Sky Sports). ‘Understand that Newcastle do not expect Sandro Tonali’s additional 50 betting charges to delay his return to action (August 27) or impede his ability to train.

Craig Hope (Mail) – ‘It is expected the FA will interpret Tonali’s alleged breaches as “one period of betting activity” (Italy + England), therefore he is unlikely to face a ban in addition to his present suspension, and any punishment will run concurrently.’

Luke Edwards (The Telegraph). ‘#NUFC do not expect Sandro Tonali to face a longer ban or be barred from training after being charged by the English FA with gambling on games while registered as a player at Newcastle. Tonali had already admitted this and sent pertinent information to the FA in the autumn. Punishment is expected to be concurrent with his current 10-month ban, which expires in August. The Football Association is known to consider this all to be one period of betting (Italy and England), for which he has already received a 10-month worldwide suspension.

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