April 13, 2024

Newcastle United won a tense late game against West Ham on Saturday afternoon, despite numerous questionable situations.
Dermot Gallagher, a former Premier League referee, delivered his decision on a number of contentious matters during Newcastle United’s victory over West Ham on Saturday. The hosts were given two penalties throughout the game, but they were also disappointed that their opponents were able to take the lead soon before halftime, despite Fabian Schar’s head injury at the moment.

Anthony Gordon was also issued a red card late on, and West Ham were upset when Dan Burn went unpunished for a tackle on Mohammed Kudus in the first half. Here’s what Gallagher told Sky Sports Ref Watch regarding the occurrences on Saturday.

Gallagher receives first penalty…

“I believe it is a foul. The referee notices a foul, and VAR investigates. Gordon is clearly in an offside position. However, [Kostas] Mavropanos is thought to have played the ball with his right foot intentionally.

“I listened to the VAR, and they said, in his judgment, that Mavropanos intentionally booted the ball away, therefore under this instruction, it can’t be offside, and Gordon becomes active and can play.

“I heard the VAR ask the referee, ‘What do you think?'” And he responded, “In my opinion, he has gone to clear that with his right foot.” At that time, the VAR must back off because the referee has made the decision.

“The referee would never have known Gordon was offside at that point. He is in an offside position, but he is not necessarily committing an offense. As a result, the referee claims that the ball came off Mavropanos on purpose while he was attempting to clear it, and the VAR examines the photos, which support his tale, and awards a penalty.

Gallagher on free-kick for West Ham’s second goal…

“I believe the best solution here was the minute [Lucas].” Paqueta takes the free kick, simply blow your whistle. Say, ‘I’m sorry, but Schar needs to be treated, looked at, and examined,’ and then return the free kick.

“If you blow your whistle promptly, the ball does not go into the net. We do not have this argument. He should have stopped it; it would have been easy to kill it right away.

Gallagher on second penalty…

Barnes late show fires Newcastle to dramatic win over West Ham | Reuters



“He is unfortunate, but as you can see, he kicks him, which is a foul. Gordon is astute; he moves in front of him, and I doubt Kalvin Phillips is aware of his presence.

“But we have seen a few of those this year. He doesn’t realize he’s there, catches the player, and I believe it’s a penalty.”


Gallagher on Gordon red card…

“They were all informed at the start of the season when a referee went into each club and stated that this was going to happen, that there would be a tightening up of kicking the ball away and delaying the restart. He knows he has a 4-3 lead with a minute to play, so he just took a chance. Unfortunately, the referee did not allow him that chance.”

Gallagher on potential Burn foul and red card…

“I don’t think it’s a foul to stand side by side and shoulder to shoulder. You can’t do it if the player is in front of you, but it’s fair when it’s side by side.”

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