May 25, 2024

Wolves were stung by VAR again in the Premier League yesterday, and goalkeeping coach Neil Cutler revealed another aspect of the decision that he found extremely frustrating.

Wolves fell 2-1 to West Ham United at Molineux, and there was a contentious scene near the end.

Max Kilman scored a header from a corner, and it appeared like everything was alright, with scenes of rejoicing.

However, it was later stated that the goal was being reviewed for potential offside.

Tawanda Chirewa, on as a replacement for Wolves, was positioned in front of West Ham goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski and was eventually ruled to be interfering with play.

Kilman’s header went into the corner of the net, leaving Fabianski with no chance of save it even if no one was nearby.

After the game, Cutler expressed frustration with some Premier League officials on social media.

Neil Cutler blasts ‘arrogance’ of Tony Harrington and officials after Wolves 1-2 West Ham

Referee: Tony Harrington



Wolves fans would want to have the opportunity to dream about playing in Europe.

But, actually, it cannot happen due to circumstances such as this.

This latest judgment has cost Wolves a point while also giving West Ham – a table contender – two points.

Wolves have been done over several times this season, missing out on points that would have put them in those European slots right now.

Following yesterday’s game, Wolves goalkeeping coach Neil Cutler couldn’t contain his wrath and took to social media, criticizing the officials’ arrogance as well as the decision itself. He wrote on X, “Another terrible decision!! Not only is the decision startling, but so is the subsequent arrogance!!”

Following the final whistle, Wolves players approached Harrington and his two linemen to challenge the decision to rule out Kilman’s equaliser.

Gary O’Neil, who called the decision ‘awful’, also approached the referee.

Harrington was observed handing out multiple yellow cards during the game, and O’Neil stated that he did not see him inside because he was not cool enough.

It’s so boring

Referees have cost the Wolves points this season, and fans are fed up with it.

You may expect one or two major calls to go against your side in any given campaign. But Wolves have been completely done this season and should have roughly 10 more points on the board.

Kilman’s goal was called out yesterday, which is quite frightening for football. It’s beyond comprehension how they decided Chirewa was interfering with play. Fabianski would have gotten no closer to the ball even if he had been fully alone.

Nobody can deny that the Wolves must look inward for their second-half performance.

But it’s really boring to discuss a VAR decision that cost the team a potentially critical point. Something needs to be done.

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