May 19, 2024

Andy Burnham, an Everton supporter, lambasted the Premier League for their “unfair attempts at regulation” in a Politico piece.

The Premier League’s message in Monday’s edition [8 April] contended that an independent regulator is unnecessary.

When the post was flagged to Burnham on X, the Mayor of Greater Manchester lashed out at the league.

“I would say it’s the Premier League’s own arbitrary and unfair attempts at regulation which are putting English football’s success at risk,” Burnham said in a statement.

Everton’s PSR verdict imminent

If reports are to be believed, Everton might find out as early as Monday (8 April) whether they have been fined any additional points for this latest accusation, which has been hovering for what seems like an eternity.

We’re all aware of the situation, and it appears like everyone has given their say, but you never know what’s going to happen.


If Everton is punished another significant number of points – say, five – it will cause outrage among not only supporters but also in the larger community.

The Premier League has already created a new system, which will most likely be implemented this summer, indicating that the existing system is inadequate.

Everton fans will merely wait for the Premier League’s official announcement as soon as it is made. Let us hope for a positive outcome.

In other Everton news, a journalist reported a “incredible” moment involving Toffees fans versus Burnley.

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