May 25, 2024

Southampton travel to Leeds United’s Elland Road stadium on the last day of the Championship season.

Russell Martin’s team will most likely have nothing to play for, with automatic promotion currently appearing out of reach after failing to win any of their previous three games.

The South Coasters were consigned to a disappointing goalless draw by relegation-threatened Blackburn Rovers over the weekend, leaving them 12 points behind second-placed Ipswich Town.

They are now resigned to a play-off campaign, therefore the remaining seven games have little bearing on the outcome.

With that considered, the ticket pricing for the trip to Leeds becomes even more perplexing.

Southampton ticket prices for Leeds United clash

On Monday morning, Daily Echo journalist Alfie House tweeted on X, revealing the ticket costs for Southampton’s trip to Leeds. It’s fair to assume that many supporters were upset.

House responded quickly to Leeds supporters who claimed that the higher charge was due to reciprocal pricing.

One Leeds supporter said that the Saints did not decrease theirs to £25 in September, and that if they had, the price would have been matched this time around.


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Ticket prices should be matched where possible

Ticket costs should be matched whenever possible, with both teams agreeing on a similar rate to charge for the two groups of visiting fans.

This results in a more equitable outcome, which, of course, will allow a stronger relationship between the two in the future.

No football fan should have to pay £48 to watch their team play away, especially given the additional costs of transportation and, in some cases, lodging.

Previewing the game

Aside from the ticket fees, when Leeds hosts Southampton on May 4, it promises to be a goal-filled game with a lot on the line.

While Saints may not have much to play for, the West Yorkshire club is believed to be in contention for automatic promotion.

So it might be a basketball match in many ways, with the Saints seeking to spoil the celebration ahead of their play-off campaign.

Rusell Martin’s side won 3-1 at St Mary’s the last time they played, and he’ll be looking for the same result this time.

Southampton must finish the season strongly, and in the next seven games, they must aim to invigorate the atmosphere in order to persuade fans to believe they will make the playoffs.

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