May 25, 2024

Cam Newton is the best quarterback in Carolina Panthers history. Following his Heisman Trophy victory at Auburn, the Panthers selected Newton with the first pick in the 2011 NFL draft.

Bryce Young is the Panthers’ current quarterback. Carolina selected Young with the first pick in the 2023 NFL Draft after he won the Heisman Trophy at Alabama.

During an appearance this week on the “Club Shay Shay” podcast, Newton was asked by host Shannon Sharpe how Carolina could recoup its investment after trading into the No. 1 pick last year to acquire Young.

“I remember having a brief conversation with him during the Super Bowl,” Newton was quoted as saying. “I saw him at a party, and I believe he should grasp the importance of expressing his views. Some quarterbacks have the freedom, while others don’t. ‘You’re not of age to tell us who or what you want.’ But you have to because every offensive coordinator asks their quarterback the following question: “Game on the line, third-and-4, third-and-8, got-to-have-it situation.” Who would you like to throw the football to?

“So, with the game on the line, or heading into the season, what do you need to succeed? And he must have the answers for it. So, chat to Bryce. Bryce must, obviously, be willing to do it. Not openly, but behind the scenes, saying, “Listen, if we get this person in the draft, this is who I want.” I need to be protected. And not simply think selfishly on the offensive end. Man, we need defense. We need to control and grasp what our division is, since in every team environment, you must first master your division.


Bryce Young blames himself after throwing two pick-6s


The Panthers went 2-15 in Young’s debut season. In 16 games, Young completed 315-of-527 passes for 2,877 yards, 11 touchdowns, and 10 interceptions, while also rushing for 253 yards on 39 attempts. He was sacked 62 times.

Carolina finished 6-10 during Newton’s debut season. In 16 games, Newton completed 310-of-517 passes for 4,051 yards, 21 touchdowns, and 17 interceptions, while rushing for 706 yards and 14 scores on 126 carries. He was fired 35 times.

The Panthers finished 7-9 in Newton’s second season before going 12-4 in 2013 to begin a three-year run as the NFC South’s top club.

Newton’s last season as the Panthers’ regular quarterback was in 2018. Carolina has a 24-59 record over the last five years under six coaches, three of whom have been interim.

“We have to start holding these people in management accountable,” Newton stated of the Panthers.

Newton played only two games in 2019 due to a foot injury, and Carolina waived him the following summer. He played for the New England Patriots in 2020. Newton returned to the Panthers during the 2021 season for his final five starts.

Or at least the last five so far.

Newton stated that he would still be interested in returning to the NFL in the proper situation.

“I’m not begging anybody to go back,” Newton stated. “If an opportunity arises in which someone believes Cam Newton can benefit our franchise, I will be prepared. …

“I’m ready now. That is what people do not grasp. I still work out. It’s like riding a bicycle. “I’ve been playing this game since I was seven years old.

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