May 25, 2024

Newcastle United manager Eddie Howe understands that a winning streak for his Magpies can send nerves jangling among the top four.
Newcastle United will not replicate their impressive points total of 71 from previous season in the remainder of what has been a difficult 2023/24 season.

However, if they can conjure up some scintillating form in the next six matches, they could wind up being only three points short of that total. Talk of being satisfied with a Europa Conference League spot has been replaced with the possibility of forcing a way into the Europa League race.

With a 10-point margin between Newcastle and Spurs in fifth place, and Aston Villa facing a difficult test at Arsenal on Sunday, it appears that Eddie Howe’s club will be unable to compete for the Champions League berths. Stranger things have happened, and given some of the Premier League’s last-day drama over the years, teams have squeezed into the top four with fewer points than Newcastle’s 68.

When asked if Newcastle may get into the Champions League race, Howe told Chronicle Live, “I think we’re just trying to win every game.” With six games remaining, let us simply give it our all.


Pain, anguish and injuries: Howe's Newcastle face 'big test' | Reuters


First and foremost, Newcastle must win their next game against Crystal Palace on Wednesday, but with Spurs facing Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, and Chelsea in their final few games, and Aston Villa also having an interesting run-in, with games against the Reds, Chelsea, and Brighton, there may be a few twists and turns ahead.

Speaking about the possibility of approaching last season’s final tally, Howe said: “We have a long way to go to get there. There are six games left, and we’ll do our best to win them all.

However, one thing is certain: Howe’s club appears to be approaching its peak performance. The thrilling 4-1 Champions League triumph over Paris St-Germain must be the season’s pinnacle.

Newcastle has displayed something similar in patches over the last several weeks, with two four-goal games against West Ham and Tottenham. They are improving defensively.

Since Newcastle’s vacation in Dubai, Howe says he has seen positive indicators, saying: “I think the international break came at a really good time.” Following the Manchester City game, we had the opportunity to experience a different setting and reset.

“Since returning, performances have improved with the exception of a half-hour versus Fulham. I hope to continue from here, but there are no guarantees. I believe we’re in a much better place than we were.”

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