May 25, 2024

Newcastle United goalkeeper Loris Karius and fiancée Diletta Leotta were reportedly denied admittance to Berghain because Leotta was wearing a “bright yellow coat.”

According to Bild, the German goalkeeper and his Italian media celebrity fiancée attempted to enter the notoriously difficult-to-access nightclub during a recent trip to Berlin.

Leotta reportedly told pals, “I told you that I want to go to Berghain, this very famous nightclub, where there is a very strict admission control.”

While Berghain’s bouncers rarely provide a reason for denying admittance to prospective punters, Leotta speculated that her “beautiful yellow coat” and “radiant smile” were the reason she and her goalkeeper beau were turned away. “I’ve never been dumped like that before,” she reportedly told friends.


Diletta Leotta: "Danke an alle für den tollen Empfang"



While Berghain does not have a dress rule, it is thought that wearing all black increases the likelihood of optimistic queuers getting in.

“Loris made a mistake, among other things, by convincing me to go in first. Usually, girls have more opportunities,” she adds. “And they looked at me like that and [shook their heads].”

Karius is not the only celebrity to receive a “nein” from Berghain’s notoriously difficult-to-please bouncers.

In 2022, Tesla founder Elon Musk took to Twitter to criticize Berghain after allegedly being turned away by door staff, writing: “They painted PEACE on the wall at Berghain! I refused entry.”

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