May 24, 2024

Nathan Jones has not specified how many players he expects Charlton Athletic to sign during the summer transfer window, but he has predicted that it would be one of their busiest trading times.

The Welshman, who took over as manager in February, has the Addicks unbeaten in 14 League One games.

Charlton are on their best undefeated streak in 24 years, but they will also end in their poorest league place in 98 years, dating back to the 1925-1926 season.

There is hope that Jones can lead a promotion drive for the South Londoners, who are now 16th in the table.

“If I’m being honest they probably went into this season thinking promotion was a realistic possibility,” remarked the head coach of the Addicks. “For whatever reason, it didn’t happen; I’m not commenting on the past.

“Since I arrived, the guys have really responded. However, there are certain things we could have done better. Yes, we’ve had an uplift, set foundations, and gone 14 games unbeaten, but this might have easily been nine victories and five draws, not the opposite.

“We will bring in a number of players, and we know exactly which roles they will fill. All of those players will be at a level where they can improve the 11. We do not want to bring in squad guys because we already have got a big enough squad. We have got young players and ones from the academy we will promote.


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“We will sign guys to improve our 11-man roster. If we don’t do it, the summer will be wasted – but we will.

“If I say three, four, five, six, or seven (coming in), and we only bring five, we’ll know precisely how many. It will most likely be one of our busiest summers in terms of numbers, as I dislike recruiting large numbers every year.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with guys for 15 games; I’ve evaluated those (players), and they are the ones that can come forward with how I want us to play.

“We will come out of this window significantly stronger then we go into it.”

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