May 25, 2024

Wolves’ drop in Premier League form might cost the club millions ahead of the summer transfer window.

While Gary O’Neil has done a fantastic job at Molineux this season, the club’s performance has deteriorated significantly in recent weeks.

Wolves’ winless streak currently stands at seven games following their 1-0 defeat to Bournemouth. Despite O’Neil’s aspirations for European football barely a month ago, these had all but evaporated.

There are numerous reasons for this precipitous drop. VAR has been a recurring issue this season, with officials controversially disallowing Max Kilman’s equaliser against West Ham.

Injuries have also afflicted the Wolves this season. Matheus Cunha and Pedro Neto are just two stars of the Wolves first-team who have missed large amounts of 2024.

However, strategy has now backfired, with Wolves set to lose millions.


Wolves 2-0 Crystal Palace: Joachim Andersen's early own goal and Ruben  Neves' late penalty take home side away from danger | Football News | Sky  Sports

Wolves could miss out on nearly £20 million in Premier League prize money

At the end of each Premier League season, each club receives prize money based on their final place.
Each seat on the table is worth £3.1 million. Wolves now rank 12th in the Premier League, which would earn them £28 million at the conclusion of the season.

However, Fulham and Crystal Palace are closing in, which might cost them £6.2 million if they do not improve their performance.

Wolves may have already lost out on £12.5 million. After a 2-1 victory over Fulham last month, the club was ninth in the rankings.

However, they have not won a game since and are presently five points behind West Ham, who hold the place.

Transfer window repercussions for Gary O’Neil?

This summer, there is a definite need for reinforcements. The squad’s lack of depth eventually caught up with them, causing their downfall at the end of the campaign.

However, with Wolves seeking for self-sufficiency, any financial loss would surely be a setback.

This summer, £12.5 million might have easily been spent on a decent player to provide depth. Tommy Doyle, who is expected to sign for Wolves, can be brought in for only £4.3 million, demonstrating that bargains are possible.

However, the club can only blame itself. VAR was pricey and unavoidable, but a lack of depth was not. The Wolves have been in this scenario for years, and the finish of current campaign bears many similarities to the 2021-22 season.

If the Wolves’ owners are serious about competing in the Premier League, they must invest in the summer.

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