May 25, 2024

Everton’s season has been one of the most unusual in club history, making Premier League history for all the wrong reasons.

After all, by suffering two point deductions, they were the first to face such a discipline twice in a single campaign.

However, these players did not let it deter them, and their courageous recent performances have made their own division look dumb for attempting to push them down.

Throughout this entire process, in which fans have mostly been kept in the dark, Alan Myers has been a valuable asset in keeping them updated.

Alan Myers offers his thoughts on Everton entering administration

Writing in his Sky Sports reporter’s notebook early today, the writer has now shifted his focus from depressing updates to effusive praise for Sean Dyche and his team.

After all, despite being the most turbulent season in the prior three, this has been the easiest and earliest season in which they have survived.

With PSR drama and a takeover dragging on, the ability to focus on the task at hand is impressive.

However, Myers believes that the latter issue is one that must be resolved as quickly as possible, even commenting on assertions that the administration remains a threat.

He writes: ‘Without that support [777 Partners’ loans], it is unknown what position the club would be in, but my understanding is that ideas of administration are off the mark, and it appears that scenario is unlikely even if the 777 permission does not arrive.’

Everton need the 777 Partners takeover saga finished

Everton 'administration' claims rubbished; 777 Partners takeover 'still on  track' to be completed


Whether the Miami-based corporation is in power or not, Farhad Moshiri and the Premier League simply need to reach an Everton takeover agreement quickly.

And, while 777 Partners is under legitimate scrutiny, the steadiness that comes from merely having someone in control who wants to be there could do wonders for them as they strive to finally go forward.

After all, the last five years have been marked by regression, as the club’s heinous financial mismanagement has finally come back to haunt them.

There has been a lot of disinformation spread about Josh Wander and his crew, and while they have undoubtedly made some serious blunders, their work in slowly rebuilding Genoa has been amazing.

So, if they gain control at Everton, it won’t be all negative.

However, speculations claim that they are considering selling a portion of the Bramley-Moore Dock stadium to fund their acquisition, raising further concerns.

With other parties reportedly interested in jumping in if the sale falls through, what this club needs now more than anything is a strong, steady leader who wants to stay with the club for the foreseeable future.

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