May 24, 2024

Nathan Buckley of Collingwood has auctioned a jumper for $16,000 as part of a difficult divorce that has compelled him to liquidate memorabilia from his football career.
The great split from his wife Tania in 2020, and his whole collection of AFL memorabilia became part of the settlement.
The hundreds of artifacts are expected to be worth more than $100,000.


AFL 2021: Nathan Buckley, wife Tania marriage, coach deleted from Instagram  | The Cairns Post


Some of the memorabilia was put up for auction today in Armadale, Melbourne, with several fans and collectors interested in purchasing a piece.
Buckley’s framed jumper from the 2002 Grand Final went for $16,000.
There were also mementos from his football career in South Australia, the Northern Territory, and his first AFL team, the Brisbane Bears.
Socks from his Carrara days were a more affordable $100.


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